Social Studies Objectives

Chapter One, People of the Stone Age

Lesson One, Hunters and Gatherers

1.  Summarize how the earliest people interacted to meet basic needs.

2.  Observe that the search for food and an increase in the numbers of people caused the migration of groups of people.

3.  Analyze the interactions among people that led to their development of separate cultures.

Lesson Two, Early Farmers

1.  Evaluate the change that occurred in the food supply of early people.

2.  Analyze the positive and negative effects of the shift from food collecting to food producing.

3.  Identify plants and animals that some early societies domesticated.

Lesson Three, Skara Brae

1.  Analyze how the village of Skara Brae developed.

2.  Summarize unique characteristics of the culture at Skara Brae.

3.  Observe commonalities between the people of Skara Brae, earlier people, and people today.