Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Ten, Empires in Asia and the Americas

Lesson One, Growth for China

1.  Compare how the Sui and Tang helped build China's empire.

2.  Evaluate the achievements of China's Golden Age.

3.  Analyze life in China during the Song dynasty.

Lesson Two, The Mongol Empire

1.  Evaluate the effect of the Mongol conquests on diverse peoples from Asia to Europe.

2.  Analyze how Marco Polo helped the exchange of ideas and goods between Europe and Asia.

3.  Summarize features of teh Mongol way of life under Kublai Khan.

Counterpoints, Did the Mongols Help or Hurt China?

1.  Compare and contrast views of the rule of Kublai Khan

2.  Analyze why an outsider's view of a leader might differ from the view of a person living under the leader's rule.

Lesson Three, Developments of Japanese Culture

1.  Observe that Japan was isolated, and so the Japanese developed unique lifeways.

2.  Evaluate China's influence on Japan.

3.  Analyze the Japanese feudal system.

Lesson Four, Civilizations in the Americas

1.  Analyze how the Aztecs adapted to and changed their environment.

2.  Compare the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

3.  Evaluate why the Incas adapted to and changed their environment.

4.  Summarize ways the native peoples of North America interacted with their environment.