Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Seventeen, The Beginning of the Industrial Age

Lesson One, The Industrial Revolution

1.  Summarize changes in agriculture in Britain in the eighteenth century.

2.  Evaluate how technology changed the British textile industry.

3.  Analyze why Britain led the Industrial Revolution.

4.  Describe what life was like for working people during the Industrial Revolution.

5.  Identify steps industrial nations took to find new markets and sources of raw materials.

Lesson Two, The Clock

1.  Analyze how the Industrial Revolution affected workers.

2.  Evaluate the role of individuals in the development of industry.

Lesson Three, Capitalism and Classes

1.  Compare economic systems.

2.  Analyze changes in the European class system during the Industrial Revolution.

3.  Evaluate the causes of class conflict in Europe.

4.  Summarize what socialism is.

5.  Analyze why there was less class conflict in the United States than in Europe.