Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Eighteen, Growth of Nationalism and Imperialism

Lesson One, Rise of Nationalism

1.  Identify conditions that encourage the rise of national feelings.

2.  Analyze how Italy became united.

3.  Summarize how Otto von Bismarck united Germany.

4.  Evaluate the causes of the rise of nationalism in Japan.

Lesson Two, Age of Imperialism

1.  Summarize why European countries built colonial empires in Africa.

2.  Describe how Africans responded to European control.

3.  Observe that European nations showed more interest in Egypt after the building of the Suez Canal.

4.  Evaluate how the East India Company gained and then lost authority in India.

5.  Analyze how foreign powers came to control much of China.

Counterpoints, Were European Imperialists Helpful or Harmful?

1.  Compare and contrast African and Asian views of European imperialism.

2.  Evaluate the impact of European imperialism.