Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Nineteen, The early Twentieth Century

Lesson One, World War I

1.  Evaluate how European nationalism caused conflicts throughout the continent in the early 1900's.

2.  Analyze how countries that formed alliances cooperated with one another in preparing for war.

3.  Interpret the events creating conflict among European countries that evolved into a world war.

4.  Analyze how women on both sides supported the war efforts of their countries.

5.  Explain how technology affected the war and its participants.

6.  Evaluate how cooperation among the allies helped end the war.

Lesson Two, The Russian Revolution

1.  Analyze the role that czars had in the changes that took place in Russia in the early 1900's.

2.  Evaluate the reasons Russians wanted a change in 1917.

3.  Summarize Lenin's rise to power.

4.  Evaluate Stalin's success in continuing the goals of the communist revolution in the Soviet Union.

Lesson Three, The Great Depression

1.  Analyze how buying and spending patterns led to the Great Depression.

2.  Evaluate how the Great Depression affected countries other than the United States.

3.  Summarize the steps taken to recover from the Great Depression.

4.  Evaluate the methods used by Adolf Hitler to gain power.