Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Two, People of the Fertile Crescent

Lesson One, Civilization in Mesopotamia

1.  Evaluate how technology changed life in Mesopotamia.

2.  Summarize the link between agriculture and religion in Sumer.

3.  Analyze how government in the Sumerian city-states changed.  

4.  Observe that success in agriculture changed Sumer's economy.

5.  Classify the Sumerians according to social classes.

6.  Interpret Sumerian innovations as changes made to meet needs.

Lesson Two, War and Peace in the Fertile Crescent

1.  Classify causes and effects of conflict in the Fertile Crescent.

2.  Evaluate Sargon the Conqueror's contribution to ending regional conflict.

3.  Analyze how Hammurabi promoted cooperation within his empire.

4.  Observe that violent conflict brought power to the Assyrians and others after them.

Lesson Three, Israelites, Phoenicians, and Lydians

1.  Observe that worship of one God represented a change in religious beliefs in Mesopotamia.

2.  Evaluate the Ten Commandments as an important part of three major religions- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

3.  Analyze how the Phoenicians changed writing.

4.  Summarize how the coined money introduced by the Lydians changed trade.