Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Five, China

Lesson One, The Zhou Dynasty

1.  Summarize how the Zhou replaced the Shang as rulers of China.

2.  Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of China's economic and political system under the Zhou.

3.  Evaluate the Warring States Period as a time of chaos and conflict.

4.  Interpret Confucianism as a response to the disorder and conflict in Chinese society.

Lesson Two, United Rule in the Qin Dynasty

1.  Compare the Legalist ideas about leadership with those of Confucianism.

2.  Analyze how Shi Huangdi unified China.

3.  Evaluate the benefits and costs of building the Great Wall.

4.  Summarize how Shi Huangdi kept the empire together.

Lesson Three, Progress under the Han Dynasty

1.  Compare the Han view of government with the Zhou and Qin systems.

2.  Analyze how Wu Di protected and governed his people.

3.  Evaluate achievements of the Han dynasty.

4.  Summarize the development of international trade for China during the Han dynasty.