Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Eight, Ancient Rome

Lesson One, The Roman Republic

1.  Observe the effect of geography on the lives of early people of the Italian peninsula.

2.  Evaluate the geographic advantages of the site of Rome.

3.  Analyze the government in Rome during the Republic.

4.  Summarize Rome's conquests between 500 B.C. and 146. B.C.

5.  Interpret the dictatorship of Julius Caesar as a contributing factor to the end of the Roman Republic.

Lesson Two, The Roman Empire

1.  Observe that Augustus's rule marked the beginning of the Roman Empire.

2.  Analyze how the government, army, and road system helped unite the people of the Roman Empire.

3.  Compare and contrast Roman construction with Greek architecture.

4.  Evaluate how literature, arts, and language helped unify the peoples of the Roman Empire.

Lesson Three, The Footsoldier

1.  Evaluate military life in the Roman Empire.

2.  Hypothesize about why people become soldiers.

Lesson Four, Beginnings of Christianity

1.  Observe that the Roman religion was a unifying force in the empire.

2.  Summarize the rise and spread of Christianity.

3.  Evaluate Rome's reaction to Christianity.

4.  Analyze Constantine's role in the growth of Christianity.

5.  Compare Rome's decline with the rise of Constantinople.