Social Studies Objectives

Chapter Nine, Heirs of Rome and Persia

Lesson One, The Byzantine Empire

1.  Evaluate how Justinian I looked to the Roman past to build the Byzantine Empire.

2.  Analyze the changes Theodora brought to the Byzantine Empire.

3.  Summarize the disagreements that divided the Christian Church.

Lesson Two, The Muslim Empire

1.  Evaluate how trade affected the Arab people.

2.  Analyze the growth of Islam.

3.  Summarize how Islam spread and the Muslim Empire developed.

4.  Identify achievements of the Muslim culture.

5.  Analyze the causes of division in Islam and in the Muslim Empire.

Lesson Three, Europe in the Middle Ages

1.  Analyze how Charlemagne used cooperation to strengthen his empire.

2.  Describe the feudal system.

3.  Evaluate the impact of the crusades on life in Europe.

4.  Compare conditions in Europe before and after the Black Death.

5.  Interpret the Magna Carta as a reaction to the rise of nation-states.

Lesson Four, Knights of the Middle Ages

1.  Analyze the role a knight in the Middle Ages.

2.  Evaluate how individual knights acted independently under the chivalric code.